Hyde | Pivot nozzle pressure washer wands

The new Hyde® Pivot Nozzle Wand technology is specifically designed to save the homeowner time and effort; it offers dealers a profitable break-through line with a big market.

With the old style conventional straight wand, high or difficult-to-reach areas are very awkward to attack. To keep the tip close to the required 90 degrees you have to contort your body into dangerous positions

The new Hyde Pivot Nozzle doesn't require the 90 degree restriction. It gives you more control by angling the head so you can reach higher places more effectively, without having to climb a ladder. Your arms can now be kept close to your body, so you experience less fatigue and stay out of the way of falling water.


Director of Product Development for Hyde, Corey Talbot says that wands are a perfect match to the vast majority of guns on the market. He notes that the two wands offered—a 40" and a 28″—have been heavily field and lab tested. The wands clearly have a robust, powerful feel and durable heavy-duty construction.

The retailer-friendly flashy package deftly demonstrates what makes the Hyde wand different: the Hyde patented Pivot Technology. Without opening the package, you can try the wand and twist the grip to see the pivoting action.

It's immediately clear why these new wands are an improvement.

You can feel how the patented pivoting nozzle actually helps you do the work. Because the head of the wand pivots 90 degrees, it's easy to see there is no need to stoop, bend or kneel to get to hard to reach places. It has a robust design for perfect handling and has been drop-tested to ensure the rugged durability that professionals need on the job.

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