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Dunkfish tea and coffee infusers

Just imagining of sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea early in the morning and seeing a colorful fish float inside your cup freaks us out. Red, pink, green, yellow; bright and colorful these Dunkfishes are nothing next to real creatures. These are fishes that will hold within themselves the wonder taste of brewed coffee beans if you like coffee or specially picked tea leaves if you are a tea sipper. Adding style to your cup, these Dunkfishes look so cute that you would want to fondle them first before using them.

Called the Dunkfish tea infuser, it's a very unique and cool concept that brings about freshness even in the art of preparing tea and coffee. The aim of this project was basically to bring about a fresh new element in the traditional art of brewing coffee or tea. Also, just imagine that you have guests at your place and you serve them coffee or tea while dropping down these fishes in their cups and glasses. They will completely flip out and will manage to win you brownie points in your hospitality.

Each of these fishes are made from high quality material and it's expected that these will remain like they are for a long time adding to its durability quotient. To use them, you simply have to place loose tea leaf or grounded coffee into the stainless steel mesh basket. Close the silicone top which is the face of the fish and then can just toss and dig into your cuppa.

Currently in the final production phase these fun little infsers will be avalable in the wintoer, 2012.

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