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SurroundFX True 3D Sound

Surround FX is a Tech startup with IP, offering a unique 3D sound technology. I was brought on board as the ID lead on a team of about 15, which encompassed sound and mechanical engineers, branding and business development, finance, graphics and manufacturing.

Experience the thrill of 3D sound with a Personal 3D Sound® system by SurroundFX® the leader in personal 3D sound for home entertainment.  

TRUE3D® technology and a unique, patented off-the-ear Sound Visor™ creates a totally immersive and realistic experience that makes playing video games and watching movies more fun. The system is easy to install and has universal compatibility with PCs, DVDs, and all video game consoles. Online gaming ready.
Get ready to hear sounds so real, you will truly...BE THERE!™

This unique sound experience required precision in design and engineering, in order to maintain a rich sound quality. The final design exceeded all expectations.

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